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HydroPowered.org Art, Fun, Awareness, and Technology for Persons with Hydrocephalus

About HydroPowered

We were founded in 2013 by hydrocephalus patient, neuroscientist, and advocate, Stephen Dolle, so persons and families affected by hydrocephalus could share art, fun, and technology on a fun platform. The HydroPowered platform might also be useful in fundraising and hydrocephalus awareness, as hydrocephalus is quite underfunded.

At left, Stephen Dolle is seen leading a 2012 4th of July drumming event for kids & families. Drum circles are an excellent therapeutic activity for persons affected by hydrocephalus. Stephen puts on a lot of drumming events & workshops as facilitator & organizer. This page provides additional information on drum circles

Stephen developed hydrocephalus in 1992 following an automobile accident while returning home from a fundraising event with Great American Race that year in Costa Mesa, California. Stephen had been a nuclear medicine technologist since 1976, and had founded his own imaging company, Certified Nuclear Imaging, in 1982. He had written & provided hundreds of imaging procedures for hydrocephalus & CNS shunt malfunction. He had also been active in the arts, coaching youth sports, and fundraising for sports, entertainment, hospitals, and the area chamber of commerce.

After his brain injury and initial shunt surgeries in 1992-93, he became intricately involved in Food & Drug Administration (FDA) affairs and patient advocacy for hydrocephalus & CNS shunt technology. In 1996, he petitioned the Food & Drug Administration on issues with anti-siphon CNS shunts, then designed & patented a mobile app for hydrocephalus to run on a PDA (1997). He was instrumental in bringing about the FDA's 1999 STAMP Conference on Shunt Technology in Washington, D.C. His commitment to hydrocephalus science, technology, and advocacy led to his being written about in the Orange County Business Journal, and termed a "visionary & neurosciences pioneer" by Dr. Eldon Foltz at the Department of Neurosurgery, University of California at Irvine. Stephen's neurosciences accomplishments include mHealth designs, music & drumming therapy, sensory processing disorders (SPD), cognitive disabilities, cognitive accessibility, assistive cognitive technologies, and drumming for the brain. He looks to have an mHealth app for monitoring made available. Stephen is available for keynote speaking on hydrocephalus and his work in the neurosciences. Visit www.StephenDolle.com for more information.

Our Mission

HydroPowered.org's mission is two-fold: To facilitate the sharing of art, fun, culture, and technology by people/families affected by hydrocephalus; And to help in fundraising for hydrocephalus. There are endless opportunities in art expression for hydrocephalus. These can be shared here, and on our Facebook Fan Page.   Hydro art & images can also be placed on clothing or made into stand-alone pieces of art. I particularly like any Super-Hero connections to hydrocephalus. You may share your fun, art, and stories on the Facebook page. All I ask is that the art and content be connected to hydrocephalus. FYI the blue swirl image at right was the first hydro art I created, and was taken from one of my MRI brain scans. Let's keep this about fun & culture. Eventually, I'd like to use some of this for hydrocephalus awareness, fundraising, and outreach.

My goal in fundraising is to facilitate other's efforts in raising funds for hydrocephalus research, and also for hydrocephalus awareness and education. My real goal is to raise $100M for hydrocephalus and use it for "open source" technology solutions in hydrocephalus and brain health, including, new CNS shunt designs from implantable sensors to mHealth mobile apps. Hydrocephalus remains vastly underfunded and many years behind in technological advances. I believe this platform and open source concept could also facilitate more dialogue on innovations for hydrocephalus care and treatment. Hydrocephalus is the leading neurosurgical condition in children, affecting individuals in-utero, up to seniors very late in life.

I've written a blog on ways that HydroPowered.org could be used for hydrocephalus awareness & fundraising at Cause Marketing Web Site for Hydrocephalus uses Super-Hero Theme.

I will continue to add new HydroPowered art, photos, and themes. Read our stories on the Incredible Hulk for Hydrocephalus, the Amazing Spiderman for Hydrocephalus, and Terminator for Hydrocephalus - which have super-hero connections to hydrocephalus.

I am touched by the personal stories and lives of those with hydrocephalus, and find them to be Super-Heroes who often go unrecognized. I would like to bring attention to those living with hydrocephalus and their Super-Hero activities.

Visit our HydroPowered NEWS and read up on the latest goings on.

Going forward ...... I wish you success in your health & endeavors. 

Stephen Dolle

Founder & webmaster

Contact Us

We may be reached at info[at]hydropowered[dot]org. Please join our hydrocephalus group on Facebook and share your art & designs with others affected by hydrocephalus. You may also visit our other sites below.





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